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The Rucksack of Leadership

For twenty years, I’ve exercised real-world leadership in situations and environments that did not forgive mistakes.  I’ve learned the price a leader must pay to be effective.  Whether you are a novice supervisor or need to re-hone your skills, these are the answers you need to succeed.  This book is more than just a guide to leadership; it is a step-by-step manual answering the hardest questions about leadership.  Can you learn it?  Is it something you must be born with?  Leadership is a choice; a choice you must make every day.  I will show you how to make that choice and build a solid foundation of leadership that no crisis can shake.  Then I will show you how to build upon it with techniques and tactics that will make you an effective leader in all situations.  Pick up your rucksack and follow me.  Choose to lead. 

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